Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How to Construct Hyperlinks for Search Engine Purposes

Just follow the path.
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Hyperlinks are used daily everywhere in the web. They are found in blogs, websites, advertisements and etc. In fact, the huge network of web pages known as world wide web or www is interconnected by hyperlinks and would not exist without them. Hyperlinks are not only found in the web, but maybe used in almost any electronic media such as CD-ROMs or game consoles.

How Can I Use a Hyperlink?

You use a hyperlink every time you click on a live link. It would say something like, "Click here for a free widget." When you click there, you are automatically taken to another website where you can download or order the free widget. A hyperlink or live link is the word or phrase covering a website address.

How Can I Make a Hyperlink?

A hyperlink is HTML code consisting of two ends or anchor tags and a direction or valid web address. The hyperlink text is usually underlined and in various colors to show the current status of the hyperlink. The different colors would tell you if the hyperlink had been "visited" or "activated" for instance. When you code a hyperlink it looks something like this, but with <> at the beginning and the end.

href = "web address"> text or image message < / a

This hyperlink will take you from one web address to another address. I have added extra spaces so that the link will not be live. For a live link, there should be no space except at the beginning between the "a" and "href." To go a particular location on a web page, you would use slightly different HTML code.

How Can I Go to Specific Location on a Web page by Hyperlink?

You will use the same HTML code but with one small change. Instead of using a web address, you will use a fragment identifier and the "#" symbol. It would look something like this, but with "<" and ">" added at the beginning and end.

href = "# widget"

Next, you will need to indicate where you want the hyperlink to go to on the page. To do this, you would write code to the location. Then, you would place the code on your web page at the place where you want the hyperlink. It would look something like this, but with the "<" and the ">" added at the beginning and end.

name = "widget"

How Do Hyperlinks Help Search Engines?

Another tool to find websites is the search engine. This in turn relies on hyperlinks to locate other websites. Today there is an enormous amount of websites to search through. So the search engine uses a page ranking system to determine which website to bring up first. The page ranking system is largely based on hyperlink or link popularity.

Although the page ranking system is pretty complex, it all boils down to one simple rule. The more page links or hyperlinks you get, the higher rank your website page gets. Another simple rule measures the quality of the page rank. One link with a high page rank gives a higher page rank to your website than several links with a lower page rank. So together, quantity with quality works together to assign a page rank to your website. This in turns, determines whether a search engine will bring your website up first, tenth or etc. in response to a search.

To learn other HTML code, you may want to buy a comprehensive code guide. Also, there are free internet tutorials that will teach you the basics of HTML code.


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