Sunday, July 8, 2007

Using the Free SEO Book Keyword Search Tool to Your Advantage

This is a useful tool for several reasons.

First, it provides a monthly regional search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Second, it provides direct links to Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery and Google trends. All these links are other tools you can use.

How do you use it?

You type in your keyword ( training) into the search box. The site page will have two boxes. I found that sometimes I need to put the keyword in boxes in order to get all the searches.

After you get the results, you should focus on the length of the columns instead of the actual search volume for the keyword. The longer the list of keywords, the more avenues of traffic you will have within this particular niche.

You need to get an over all picture of your niche and not just focus on your keyword. With this tool you can get an idea of potential keywords and search volume.

After you have found a suitable niche with a moderate search volume, you’ll need to check its monetization and profit potential. I will discuss those topics in a later blog.


Rob said...

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