Thursday, May 17, 2007

To Blog Or To Website That Is the Question

Congratulations, you have decided to join the online community. Maybe, just to air your view points or to venture into an online marketing business.

But, how to get started? There two main ways to venture forth. Either by blog or by website, the choice is up to you.

But, first we need to define the difference between a blog and website. A website is a internet application that contains web pages, images, videos and other digital assets. It is hosted on the World Wide Web. Whereas, a blog is part of website where entries are made and displayed in a reverse chronological order. It is sometimes known as an online journal.

I will discuss the pros and cons of both. The choice is yours.

First, I will cover blogging.

If you have little or no computer knowledge and even less money. Blogging is the way to go. You can get a free blog from or These are the two more popular choices. They will host and maintain your blog for you. You can customize your blog from their selection of templates. Just write and post and you have your blog. You can post your own content, advertise your own goods and services. Also, you can advertise goods and services of others as an affiliate.

A blog will allow communications between visitor and writer where they can exchanges opinions on certain issues. Whereas, in a website, a visitor can only read and not offer comments or suggestions to the writer or other visitors.

The cons to blogging is that you have write many articles to get your business going. However, you can hire a ghost writer to write articles for you. Later, when the blog becomes very successful, you may want to upgrade which will cost money.

Second, I will cover using a website.

A website allows you to have complete control over your content and is the fastest way to advertise. However, there are cost involved with setting up a website. You will need hosting, a domain name and maybe a custom built website. Or you may decide to build your own site. A user friendly program for creating your own website is Microsoft Frontpages. Last, you will need a Autoresponder.

A disadvantage of building your own website is that you are responsible for taking care of any problems that may arise.

Also, you may need to consider whether you need a website in the first place. Maybe a blog is all you need for the present time. Can you explain to someone else the advantages that you will have with a website and what it will do for you?

Whether you decide to use a blog or website, you cannot just sit back and relax. You have to market it and build traffic. You have to promote it. If your goal is internet marketing, you will never make any money if you just submit it to a few search engines and do nothing else. Traffic or having visitors go to your site is a major component that makes your blog or website valuable.